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"Our mission is to use nature's genius

  to create adaptive designs"

Cisse architecture was founded by Mouhamadou Cisse. He is an architect who has previously worked in various design projects, covering robotics, architecture, and arts in the USA, UK, Italy, and Senegal. 

In his work experience, Mouhamadou Cisse interned for Giovanni Corradeti in Italy, working on a range of projects including residential home designs and 3d computer-generated animations. He also took part in apprenticeships with a construction management AB construction in Senegal and LSE Architects in Minnesota.

Following his apprenticeship, Mouhamadou pursued his passion for sustainable architecture and environmental in London at the Royal College of Arts. During his master's term, he conceptualized design interventions to empower Chilean communities against the destruction of their habitat caused by corruption and lithium extraction in the Atacama desert. 

Throughout his architectural journey, Mouhamadou Cisse has had a constant involvement with communities through the Arts. Since 2014, it involved him in multiple exhibitions, notably the Alliance Francaise, hells kitchen. In 2017, he led a painting workshop where he worked with kids fighting type 1 diabetes to help them make art for the diabetes research fundraiser. In 2018 he was part of the Weisman art museum program leading a group of teenagers to develop their architectural design skills. 

Today, Cisse architecture extends its expertise in a wide range of projects from urban planning to the residential scale. 

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